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The book has developed into so much more than just how to achieve in business, or ride the waves of failure. It’s become a manual on how to survive life. With so many incredible and personal accounts from some of the most interesting people on the planet, Survive & Thrive is a guide on how to overcome failure, learn lessons, grow stronger, and ensure you thrive in whatever path you choose.

Join the Founder of Reebok, Joe Foster, as he takes you on a roller-coaster journey of discovery, enlightenment and inspiration. With twenty carefully selected co-authors who all share the desire to make a positive impact.

Available in hardback, paperback, kindle, learn the lessons from the greatest. From Four Times Heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, epitomising the power of determination, and demonstrating what mentorship can do in propelling lives forward, to Dr Christina Rham, surviving numerous threats to her life, suggesting that “when things are at their worst, people have the opportunity to become their best.” Words from the wisest, will elevate minds and change mindsets, so join Joe Foster as he navigates around the choppy waters which lie between failure and success.

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