Kara Goldin – Hint CEO
Everything you need to understand about fear in one Nugget!

Alex Lewis
Listen to what Founder Member Alex Lewis says about mindset, incredible.

Joe Vitale
A very powerful Nugget on living now from Founder Member Joe Vitale

Vanda North – Look for joy!
Labelling moments as joyful is Vanda’s Nugget, just wonderful.

Espree Devora
We are huge fans of podcaster Espree Devora. She speaks a beautiful truth!

Facing Adversity
Ipek Williamson delivers a beautiful
Nugget on how to face adversity head on.

Reebok Founder – Joe Foster
Sometimes the simplest of Nuggets are the most powerful. Here Joe delivers a message for all people!

Barry Leahey MBE – Numbers
Thinking of starting a business? Watch this Nugget.

Former CEO Liverpool FC
Are you having frustrations with failure? Peter delivers a sublime piece of wisdom.

Leave a legacy
Here the former SVP of Starbucks shares wisdom on leaving a legacy.

Olympic Nugget
Jamaican bobsled legend Devon Harris talks persistence in this wonderful Nugget.

Think like a winner
Look at your diary and start seeing everything that’s in it as a training programme.

Be kind
CEO of Rugby League World Cup Jon Dutton shares a Nugget on kindness.

Julie Foster
Two things you are allowed to do, and one which you aren’t!

Malcolm Larri – Reduce the timeline
Feeling anxious? Watch this Nugget from the legendary speaker.

Stillness creates momentum
Do you think you have to be constantly ‘doing’ to achieve anything? A must watch Nugget from Meagan Fettes.

Sam Instone – P + R + PA = Success
A must watch nugget from Chief Executive of AES International, Sam Instone.

A Nugget for all people
Julian’s Ted Talks have now been viewed over 100 million times. This is a must watch Nugget.

Dr. Joe Vitale – The Secret
Selling over 35 million copies ‘The Secret’ was a smash hit, featuring the incredible Dr. Joe Vitale.

Liz Brewer – Focus
Founder No. 0064 Liz Brewer delivers a classic piece of wisdom.