Daniel H. Pink
New York Times best selling author, Dan Pink share his One Golden Nugget.
Kara Goldin – Hint CEO
Everything you need to understand about fear in one Nugget!

Joe Vitale
A very powerful Nugget on living now from Founder Member Joe Vitale

Alex Lewis
Listen to what Founder Member Alex Lewis says about mindset, incredible.

Espree Devora
We are huge fans of podcaster Espree Devora. She speaks a beautiful truth!

Facing Adversity
Ipek Williamson delivers a beautiful
Nugget on how to face adversity head on.

Reebok Founder – Joe Foster
Sometimes the simplest of Nuggets are the most powerful. Here Joe delivers a message for all people!

Barry Leahey MBE – Numbers
Thinking of starting a business? Watch this Nugget.

Former CEO Liverpool FC
Are you having frustrations with failure? Peter delivers a sublime piece of wisdom.

Leave a legacy
Here the former SVP of Starbucks shares wisdom on leaving a legacy.

Olympic Nugget
Jamaican bobsled legend Devon Harris talks persistence in this wonderful Nugget.

Think like a winner
Look at your diary and start seeing everything that’s in it as a training programme.

Be kind
CEO of Rugby League World Cup Jon Dutton shares a Nugget on kindness.

Julie Foster
Two things you are allowed to do, and one which you aren’t!

Malcolm Larri – Reduce the timeline
Feeling anxious? Watch this Nugget from the legendary speaker.

Stillness creates momentum
Do you think you have to be constantly ‘doing’ to achieve anything? A must watch Nugget from Meagan Fettes.

Sam Instone – P + R + PA = Success
A must watch nugget from Chief Executive of AES International, Sam Instone.

A Nugget for all people
Julian’s Ted Talks have now been viewed over 100 million times. This is a must watch Nugget.

Vanda North – Look for joy!
Labelling moments as joyful is Vanda’s Nugget, just wonderful.

Liz Brewer – Focus
Founder No. 0064 Liz Brewer delivers a classic piece of wisdom.