What Founders say about

“It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to be the initial guest speaker to the ‘One Golden Nugget’ universe. It is a number of years since Reebok was a part of my daily life and writing ‘Shoemaker’ was an interesting exercise. It was was also my introduction to this new and very inclusive platform on which to share ideas and pass on experiences.”

Joe Foster – Founder of Reebok 

“What an event! a concentration of positive and authentic people, with a real diversity of profiles and experiences. I felt in a safe space, where you can share your experience and learn from other amazing stories. Having a conversation with a legend like Joe Foster (Reebok Founder) and many others, could only happen in the Nugget Live.” 

Dr. Amine AREZKI – Chief Autonomy Leader , Strategy Marketing & Product Policy / Worldwide organisation

“Loved it, thank you so much for such a great event! Incredibly inspirational and refuelled my entrepreneurial spirit, so grateful to everyone. ” 

Avril Chester – Cancer Central & Ask Ave – Founder | RIBA – Interim Executive Director of Data & Technology