The Main Event

Nugget Live 6 – Full Episode
June 2021 we were delighted to welcome Founder and CEO of hint Kara Goldin into the Nugget Mansion.
Yanika Cordina – Dragons’ Den
Founder Member Yanika talks about Dragons’ Den experience and news of her business.

Q&A – Alex Lewis
“Kara, my son has always inspired me to do more, do better. What’s the greatest piece of advice you have received from your kids?”

Q&A – Rushina Shah
“What do you think helped to take the business from a $5m business to a +$100m business? How did you scale and deal with the growth and what lessons can you share around this?”
Q&A – Dayna Steele
“What’s the one question no one ever asks you?”
Q&A – Joe Foster
“Reebok Founder Joe Foster talks international distribution with Kara.”
Q&A Julie Foster
“Drinks and sunscreen are very different sectors. What was the determining factor that made you leap from drinks to sunscreen?”
Q&A – Kitty Lai
“If you were to launch a new brand now, what would be your launch strategy in 2021? (in reference to different times 2005 when HINT was launched)”

Q&A – Steven Foster
One Golden Nugget Founder Steven proudly shows off his hint & undaunted merchandise courtesy of Kara! And ask the question “What’s next?”