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  • Feeling melodic and euphoric this Friday, thanks to Ben Bohmer, Tinlicker and Felix Raphael. One for the journey home. https://open.spotify.com/track/4l8fwDaGkOWJqvNacpcBTo?si=2d66a64b0ae140d2
    Happy Friday all x

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  • This Quick yet highly relevant Nugget was offered to me by my good friend Marek Kaminski.

    Many of us are reluctant to Develop regiment daily routines thinking that they will steal away our Freedom.

    In Reality, it is very much the opposite that holds the truth.

  • Let’s all write our own story, thanks for sharing the wisdom Angela.


  • Remember…
  • Let’s be responsible for what we want to use from the health system.
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    Nothing is off limits.
  • Ramón Estrada – thanks for sharing the wisdom!


  • After a week’s hiatus, I’m back with Friday feels … this golden nugget is inspired by Alex O’Keefe’s video post last week and this tune… ALWAYS DO YOU – Spencer Brown, Rachel K Collier courtesty of one of my favourite imprints; Anjunabeats Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend…Read More

  • Rob Stephenson

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    There are few things as important in the fight to normalise mental health as talking openly from personal experience; this simple, courageous act is a sledgehammer to the stigma that stubbornly surrounds the topic of mental illness in workplaces; homes; society at large.

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  • Golden Nugget from Faye McGuiness, Director of Programmes at Education Support.
    In this podcast episode, we talk about Faye’s commitment to “support education employers to deliver better workplace cultures, so staff can thrive at the same time as advocating for improvement in the workplace at policy level.” htt…Read More
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  • Very much looking forward to seeing you all tonight for Nugget Live!

    #nuggetlive #alexlewis

  • Dan Walsh, it was a pleasure to interview you this week for the next OGN book!

    Here we are discussing happiness 😃

    #happinessmonth #onegoldennugget

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