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  • One Golden Nugget on Being a Sage Surfer who can navigate through the challenges of life.
  • Peter Moore is the former CEO of Liverpool Football Club, he was also head of EA Sports, Corporate Vice-President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division, overseeing the Xbox and Senior VP of Global Sports Marketing at Reebok.

    What a legend!

    Here he is delivering a sublime One Golden Nugget.
    Thank you Peter!

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  • One Golden Nugget on Being Yourself
  • Jon Dutton

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    Control the controllables – impenetrable focus.
  • Liz Brewer

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  • Liz Brewer

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  • Spoke with Cris Beswick this week for his Nugget.
    Great wisdom.


  • Joseph Pollaro

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    #MyOneGoldenNugget for today is a powerful quote where we can extract a vital lesson to drive our evolution as humans.

    #MindSet #Challenges

  • I went through a tough time many years ago when my grandmother was still alive, and she just looked me in the eyes and said something like this: “My son, I am soon dead, how I wished I could be you at this moment, that has all the future ahead, despite your current unpleasant period. You are still breathing so battle it out, my son, I believe in you.”
  • Self belief, and do not limit your beliefs! An absolutely fantastic nugget by Alex O’Keefe that we should all take on board no matter where we are in our career.
  • Stars Wars & Harry Potter legend Warwick Davis was the very first person we interviewed for the first One Golden Nugget book.

    Timeless wisdom from a true gentleman.


  • Unclear thinking and scattered actions that many of us experience, me too often, could be the result of Fear of Failure OR a Fear of Success?

    As weird that it might sound, we are running these unconscious patters without us ever being aware of them.
    Result: 100% sabotage to our Forward Momentum, Success and fulfilment.

  • Flip it! All about the mindset when you go into the meeting to get the outcome you really desire. Listen to this great nugget by Danielle Simmonds to learn something valuable
  • Steven Foster

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    One of the best Nuggets I have EVER collected!
    Thank you Meagan Fettes for sharing.
  • Steven Foster

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    I stumbled upon this great piece of wisdom from Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday.

    #onegoldennugget #timcook #apple

  • H.J. Chammas

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    If you fail, pick up the pieces and start over again.
    This time, you’re not starting from scratch,
    you’re starting from experience.

  • Tuomo Vauhkonen

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    What if you focused more on the Messenger instead of the message..?

    Yes, the content is important and what we speak about.

    But as 99,99% of the ideas, insights and tips can we found by one single search of our fingers. I truly believe that the Messenger becomes A LOT more important in today’s overloaded information society!

  • H.J. Chammas

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    The perfect time to make your next move is … NOW.

    Now is the time to take small baby steps towards your big goals!

    The time will never be just right, the moves need not be that big, but making progress will get you closer to your goals.

  • A straight to the point Nugget from Jonas Fredriksson …
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