• “Happiness is a choice and free. It is a little like a flower… you can ignore it?.. you can smell it, you can pick it and enjoy alone..OR, you can enjoy and share with another it’s beauty, scent, and how it grew without effort”
    Maxwell Preece 2020

    (as a reply to Mark Harry on linkedin post..)


    In this feed our Founder Members will be posting Nuggets on what they are grateful for, TODAY!

    It’s a very powerful exercise to remind ourselves of all the beauty in our lives.

    Today I’m grateful for this beautiful November sunshine in the English countryside and some funky lights!

  • Steven Foster

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    It’s a very basic concept, but from my own experience of life something which is easily overlooked.

    I loved interviewing Vanda for the next book. If you’ve read book1 you’ll know we feature Sign Post Nuggets – people who change the course of our experience building this brand. And Vanda is one of those.

    Thank you Vanda for…Read More