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  • Kindness – bringing warmth and value with no expectation in return.
  • I would like to say thank you to LAWRENCE TRIST for his kind support. He offered to speak with me over the phone and offered help and advice when i needed it the most. I never met Lawrence but i felt like i was speaking to a family member. Thank you so much Lawrence. My products went viral the past few weeks and had an overwhelming amount of…Read More

  • Joseph Pollaro

    shared a nugget in Gratitude

    Dissolve worry, #fear, self-centeredness, self-pity, or any other form of negativity.

    In #MyOneGoldenNugget today I share my most effective spiritual tool.

    I believe all spiritual practice is about shifting perspective.

    #Mindset #MentalFitness #Health

  • My daughter gifted me ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach for Christmas.

    Founder in the Universe, Chris Browne tells me it’s a game-changer.
    I will be sharing Nuggets from it this coming week.


  • Gratitude – Develop an attitude of gratitude.
    We take so many things in our life for granted – I know are used to do.
    Not anymore.

    The recent birth of our first grandchild which we were warned by the Doctors could’ve gone very badly wrong, but yet the baby girl recovered quickly. We are so grateful for that.

    The fact that our mother brought…Read More

  • There is a navigation in life… it follows passion and dreams🌈 every so often a person appears, a lucky moment, Joe is such a man and we all take a breath, a deep one, and find ourselves in the presence of a genius who is kind enough to share wisdom. The lessons in his book, “The Shoe Maker” speak to many…. the ability to speak with him per…Read More

  • “One cannot enjoy a poet if we judge the motivation…. neither can we enjoy the music we hear if we must, on each song, decipher the moment of its’ creation. Each is a moment in time for the enjoyment of the creator that we are privalaged to witness” Maxwell Preece 2020

  • Remember what it feels like to have true gratitude for those who give you their business, and make sure they hear it from you directly. My lesson learned from a grateful coffee shop owner. It feels great to be appreciated and it’s worth remembering to do the same for others.
  • José Ochoa

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  • “Happiness is a choice and free. It is a little like a flower… you can ignore it?.. you can smell it, you can pick it and enjoy alone..OR, you can enjoy and share with another its’ beauty, scent, and how it grew without effort”
    Maxwell Preece 2020

    (as a reply to Mark Harry on linkedin post..)

  • Steven Foster

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    In this feed our Founder Members will be posting Nuggets on what they are grateful for, TODAY!

    It’s a very powerful exercise to remind ourselves of all the beauty in our lives.

    Today I’m grateful for this beautiful November sunshine in the English countryside and some funky lights!


    It’s a very basic concept, but from my own experience of life something which is easily overlooked.

    I loved interviewing Vanda for the next book. If you’ve read book1 you’ll know we feature Sign Post Nuggets – people who change the course of our experience building this brand. And Vanda is one of those.

    Thank you Vanda for…Read More