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    Listen to this Nugget from the amazing Natalie Fee.
    And remember your ideas, passion and dreams matter.

    One person really can change the world.


  • Buy Less. Choose Well. Make It Last.

  • Straight to the point Nugget from Anton, CEO at Luminary Learning Solutions

    Love it!


  • Sustainability – Sustain your resources under challenging situations.
    Many CEOs and teams that I work with today are actually exhausted and they need skills in how to sustain their own personal energy, enthusiasm and drive. Also to sustain their team through the darkest part of the night in a pandemic and in a recession.

    I learnt many things as…Read More

  • I had the pleasure of talking with James Murphy yesterday from the B Sustainable Group.
    He shares a Nugget former Vice President of USA Al Gore gave him on sustainability.

    #sustainability #nuggetsfrommynetwork

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