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  • Are you hearing ‘YES’ enough?????

    Steven interviewed Laura Sicola last week for the next One Golden Nugget book and collected this incredible Nugget.

    Are you hearing ‘YES’ enough?


  • Marketing – A key aspect is branding.
    What do people say about you when you’re not in the room?
    What is your impact, your image, your brand and your reputation?
    How do you market yourself and what you stand for?
    What can you do for other people?
    Why would they hire you, rather than somebody else?
    What is your product and what are your…Read More
  • I learned a lot by standing with customers and prospects on a stall at Portobello Road street market in London. The message we deliver either makes a splash or a poof, and you can read it in their eyes. Nothing replaces taking time with customers, testing value propositions, adapting so they make impact and changing the business behind that focus.
  • Hannah Smart

    shared a nugget in Marketing

  • Like most entrepreneurs, you will work hard to ‘push’ your product. However, to achieve multi digit growth you need to find a key to ‘influence’ a change that results in the market ‘pulling’ your product.
    Joe Foster.

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