• I’ve been struggling to separate work and home in the last few days. At times my emotions have controlled me rather than me controlling how I respond.

    I’m grateful to be emotionally intelligent and self-aware, as it means I can do something about it.

    Here’s my plan:
    1. When I finish for the day, I’m going to lock my laptop and take a few…Read More

  • Alone with your thoughts – that’s an idea I can resonate with.
    Greg Brenner is The HR Dad, check out this podcast, it’s very successful.

    Thanks for sharing the wisdom Greg!


  • This is a moment to stand by those in your world, your high street and your circle of influence… if you have… share and give… if you are suffering..Ask for kindness and support… and if you need support because you have lost the vision to continue …. you are not alone .. scream and shout loud so you are heard from the tiny four walls……Read More

  • I feel that many of us still think that the brain is like a bone and doesn’t change..
    We now know that the Neuroplasticity is a real thing.

    Your brain and your thoughts are rewireable!
    Make sure those ideas are Clear, Adaptive and Growth producing!

  • This weekend?


  • This beautiful golden nugget came from the best Relationship Coach that I know. I thank Daman Philip for sharing her wisdom with us.


    Nothing will kill a relationship more quickly than ego! The biggest mistake we often do is keep our egos ahead of the person we love and sometimes even…Read More

  • I thought I would share a short passage from a book regarding letting go of fear and being ready for new outcomes.
  • Thank you Amanda for sharing 🙏


  • If life asks a question of you, either personally or via another, take your time to think.
    If it is for yourself, there are no time limits, no need to pressure yourself to be perfect and if it is an absolute, ‘must have the answer today’, and there are not truly many of those!, then take a deep breath and go with your best gut instinct.

    If…Read More

  • ENGAGEMENT ALERT! Now that the second wave of corona and lockdowns are hitting us engagement is falling quickly – lets use MEANING as a way to re engage and workmat the highest levels!
  • Remember to understand that your version of what is occuring in the world is different to those around you. It may, in fact, be vastly different from someone you work closely with. They may be doing their very best to keep up the illusion of being ok so they can maintain your support and trust.. It may well be that that it is only you they…Read More

  • Call to Action time.

    I am looking to curate a library of Wellbeing Nuggets.

    What is your one Golden Nugget for Wellbeing? What is the one big thing you do to stay well? Let’s share hese nuggets and build up an inspirational and educational resource of wellbeing nuggets.

    Share your nugget at

  • “Letters in time” by Kate Phipps.

    Imagine that it is 5 years from now and we are through these challenging times. Imagine that you are writing yourself a letter. Giving yourself some advice on how to get through it. How to be.

    What would you say?

    Have a listen to this and be inspired.

    © KatePhippsWrites


  • I am super excited to share details of “Winter Wellness with Rob and Jack”

    At a time of need, we have developed a 12 week plan which includes inspirational content; educational sessions on how to stay well and motivational sessions from double Olympian, Jack Green.

    Details of the plan can be found at https://courses.formscore.today/…Read More

  • Do you know what the drivers of Form, or Mental Wellbeing are?

    Which of these resonate for you?

    And which could you tweak to boost your Form?

    Top Tip: We could all benefit from a little bit more sleep.

  • Check out this sneak preview of some of the content from “Winter Wellness with Jack and Rob” a 12 week course on how to stay well during these winter months and challenging times.

    As part of the plan we have put together some videos of inspirational spoken word from poet, Kate Phipps. Check out her work at…Read More

  • We all exist on the Mental Health Continuum. All of the time. We move across it weekly, daily and hourly. We all struggle from time to time. We all thrive. With this wisdom comes the power to influence it.

    We all have mental health.

  • Let’s talk about kindness and the gift of a few moments of self reflection each day.
  • Senior leader role models are so important on the mental health agenda. Why? Because when a senior leader speaks out about their challenges of mental ill-health, it accelerates the process of culture change.

    The InsideOut LeaderBoard published a list of 42 role models in 2019 including CEOs, CFOs, Partners in the professions and MDs of…Read More

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