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  • Everyone needs a trusted ear to call when life throws a curveball.
    Being the person called does not require you to catch the curveball.
    Often it’s just being there to listen.
    Take the call and know it makes a big difference…..

  • Being Busy for the pure sake of Busyness is the kiss of death to your Dreams and Desires.

    Having a clear Focus and knowing of your own Mountain to climb is needed today more than ever!

    A pre-cursory element to this though is your Energy.
    A fundamental piece of the puzzle that needs to be in place as the raw material.

    When you got adequate…Read More

  • Manuel Astruc – Happiness Rules!

    1st April – 30th April is going to be One Golden Nugget Happiness Month. Yes the positive vibes will be flowing. Before then we give you a little taster with a great Nugget from Manuel Astruc who we spoke to this week for the new book.

    A great man, sharing great wisdom.

    #happiness #onegoldennugget

  • Spoke this week to Jim Woods CEO at Better Space for the next OGN book.

    He’s doing some amazing things, check him out http://www.betterspace.uk

    Here he is talking mental health.

    #onegoldennugget #mentalfitness

  • Let’s challenge the norm. 💫

    Why does our ‘professional self’ look and act differently from our ‘normal, every-day self’?

  • It was a pleasure to host Katherine Switz in ‘The Form Guide’ podcast, in which we talked about maximizing Mental Health Advocacy Opportunities (https://www.formscore.today/podcast/katherine-switz).
    Here’s Katherine’s Golden Nugget on wellbeing.
  • We all have mental health, like we have physical health.
    The question is, how do we proactively manage our mental health, like we do our physical health?
  • It’s time to shift your focus from resilience and supercharged confidence to antifragility and confidence you know won’t desert you.
  • My first post.

    Mental wellbeing, resilience and positivity will help get us through tough times.

  • “The Fuel is in the Feeling”!
    When reaching for the goals & high ambitious dreams, Having the right kind Fuel becomes critical!

    To boost and super charge your Goal Setting, look for the Empowered Emotions and the positive Feelings.

  • A key aspect of mental fitness is physical fitness and activity.
    While it was many years ago in 1985 setting the world record for the Cyprus Double Mountain Marathon, it required a huge amount of mental fitness and self belief. I particularly remember feeling like giving up towards the end of day one when we were nearing the summit of the 6000…Read More
  • Introducing a great new friend of mine to our founders… Brian Wall.

    Brain health for us all is Brian’s goal.

    Brain health is adaptive…

    “Genes load the gun….. it’s our behaviour and environment that might pull the trigger” ….

    Brian is based in the USA and is an expert with more than 20 years experience in addictions and mental…Read More

  • Hello WORLD!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all 💕
    My wonderful friend Julie at LIGHTING FIRES sent over this awesome little quiz to learn about your own level of RESILIENCE, check it out and understand more about how you cope with challenges and opportunities.

    I have to say that my results were spot on – I LOVE a challenge and I thrive on challenge…Read More

  • Dear Universe,
    After a very trying weekend for lots of people who might have lost a little bit of hope, I’ve collaborated with my amazing friend and personal trainer Cosette Jackson and we’ve created a guide to “Giving the Gift of Self Love for Christmas 2020”.

    Please share this to spread a little bit of 2020 love with your network.

  • You get fitter by strengthening the body, even when it is already strong. If you’re not strengthening your psychological strengths as a priority, then you’re missing a trick. If you only ever work on weaknesses, you only reduce how bad your bad days are. In most cases, that’s no where near as useful as knowing you’re making your good days ever…Read More

  • Thanks for sharing the wisdom Hayley!
  • This beauty is from my friend Andy – his daughters chose their daddy wisely.
  • THIS is what it’s all about!

    To be consistent with your levels of performance, Show Up daily and stay in Momentum.

    Some of the best examples of this come from the sports world.
    Anyone can hit a near perfect round of golf one day, but the ones on the top can do it day in and day out.

    In business, you strike a one great deal, but how o…Read More

  • My brain has run out of juice …
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