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  • From our first OGN book I love this Nugget from Mike Podesto.

    #onegoldennugget #ognbook1

  • Julian Treasure’s Ted talks have been viewed over 100million times.

    That’s incredible!

    Here he is delivering a Nugget for all people.


  • The perfect answer!
  • One Golden Nugget on Asking for Help
  • I’m an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery since August 20, 2009.

    I help others along the same path.

    I need to have it in order to give it away.

    So sobriety and recovery is my #1 priority.

    There is a lot I need to do to continue to recover.

    At the most basic level, I need to not pick up a drink or a drug a day at a time.

    The…Read More

  • Some men see things as they are and ask why…I dream of things that never were and ask why not. George Bernard Shaw

  • Concerned about the #stigma of mental ill-health, and how it might affect their career, most employees choose to hide their #mentalhealthstruggles.

    However, a compassionate leader and a caring colleague will spot the signs of someone struggling, if they just stop and notice.

    You can be that leader or colleague today, tomorrow.
    Can you…Read More

  • One Golden Nugget on Forgiveness
  • Jon Dutton

    shared a nugget in Challenges

    Overcoming adversity. Positivity, hope & faith.

    Difficult for sure at times, right?

    Here is Frederik Imbo delivering 2 key ideas on how not to take things personally. Great wisdom.


  • Here is one of the Key elements to Master when it comes to your Energy.
    We go through our days dragging previous tasks, ideas and really the emotions with us!

    I suggest that we need to Master our Transitions!

    To be able to leave the thoughts and emotions from previous tasks behind and set intentions to the new ones ahead.

    How we go from…Read More

  • Everyday single day we must Win this battle!
    Or the very least make a conscious effort towards it!

    Inside of our head is often a very tight space, so we must have tools, practices and systems in place that we can show up on the Field of Play.

    your coach, partner or community won’t always be there to pick you up when needed, so build trust on…Read More

  • How I made a Rapid internal State Change!

    I used this super simple one physical act to change my emotions from feeling like I was not enough into “winner“ in just few seconds!

    Yes, It can be that simple and easy, if you just allow it to! 😉

  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Challenges

    What a joy to speak with Nicole Jones this week for our new book.

    Here she is sharing some empowering wisdom.


  • Just a quick venting session for my fellow One Golden Nugget members. As someone that loves to try and help everyone and create opportunities, I am starting to get inundated with request to connect. Those connections then continue to bombard me with an overflow of information, messages, and repeated messages even after I have agreed to speak with…Read More
  • Challenges – I’ve had a few!
    Doing airborne training and then the No1 parachute jump school was a huge challenge for me.
    Especially since I was scared of heights!

    It was a great privilege to be alongside fellow airborne and special forces officers and soldiers doing the training. You had to physically and mentally force yourself out of the…Read More

  • One Golden Nugget on Dealing with Change
  • José Ochoa

    shared a nugget in Challenges

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