Our first Nugget Live! is coming 17th December 7pm GMT
    Exclusively for Founder Members we are delighted to announce Joe Foster founder of Reebok will be our keynote speaker.

    You can expect – Connecting, Nugget chats and a good time.
    Invites will be going out next week.

    #onegoldennugget #nuggetlive

  • Andrew Smith Co-founder at http://www.thinkuncommon.com and shares a beautiful piece of wisdom on fun.

    Have a lovely Sunday.
    The One Golden Nugget Team


  • Joe Foster

    shared a nugget in Fun

    Someone once asked me what are the three most important things in running a business. My answer, Fun Fun & Fun. Not every day can be fun but try to look for the fun in every day. This not only applies to business but to life and the poeple you surround your self with. This is a shot of Julie & I in Prague for our best friends birthday , he is…Read More
  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Fun

    Suzanne Noble is great fun.
    If I had a dinner party (remember those?! 😂) I would invite Suzanne.

    Loved our Nugget chat, and here she is showing me how to become powerful!


  • If white light is all the colours……what is black when you see it?