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  • Life long learning. I can’t imagine how to put that into action without seeking chances outside the comfort zone for newness or valuable improvement. It strikes me this doesn’t need to be work-based; the idea is to establish a positive norm that becomes part of ones outlook on life. Start anywhere. Keep going. Make it count.
  • If this year I can be watchful over my actions and thoughtful over my purpose, then the efforts I invest will be in the areas I myself prioritise for my greater sense of meaning. Without that always front and centre of my mind I could miss opportunities and waste time where I shouldn’t.

    Victor Frankl in his books (Mans Search for Meaning and…Read More

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    After 20 years of perpetuating positive legends in technology, we recognise that the honourable aim of that was to motivate companies to make reasonable investments, for small gains, and in doing so the industry itself could steadily pursue the long-range goal; the business technologists dream. Reading these articles today, it feels more real than…Read More
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    I learned a lot by standing with customers and prospects on a stall at Portobello Road street market in London. The message we deliver either makes a splash or a poof, and you can read it in their eyes. Nothing replaces taking time with customers, testing value propositions, adapting so they make impact and changing the business behind that focus.
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    Remember what it feels like to have true gratitude for those who give you their business, and make sure they hear it from you directly. My lesson learned from a grateful coffee shop owner. It feels great to be appreciated and it’s worth remembering to do the same for others.
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Steve Saunders

Strategy and Go-to-Market Acceleration Advisor

Through life I’ve been aware of how short our time is, in this heaven-like world. I seek to make the most from each occupation, action and every thought. Otherwise it’s a waste of life, and of the power of intelligence and curiosity we have all been gifted with. I like this definition of the attitude of wisdom being “acting with knowledge while doubting one knows”. I’m on this site to offer my thoughts and hope someone will find them worthy of the label ‘wisdom’. Being as open, appreciative and curious as a child, you’ll find your adult mind may then evolve.