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    11 months, 4 weeks ago
    Pamela Carrier @pamanne Anything can be accomplished if you trust yourself and work cohesively with your team and management. Your biggest wildest dreams can come true if you push hard and feel confident in your doing. Be a dreamer. Be Consistent. Be proud😊

    Nickie Sarabia @nickie.rodanandfields: It’s just as impactful to discover the challenges within a “successful” day in business as it is to dig to find the “successes” within our challenging days in business.

    Jan Richards: It may be cliche… Everything happens for a reason… a lesson to learn, a path to walk. Never underestimate what path you are on now; what direction is next. The people you meet, the stories you tell, the inspiration you share… if you remember all your lessons and reasons, you will show your growth. In a nutshell- you were meant to interact and learn from partners, businesses, companies.

    Michael Salina: Something one of my great mentors, Larry Bruce, used to tell me, “When you lose, don’t lose the lesson!” It’s an excellent tool for growth and personal development!

    Grace Barci: Innovation/ re-creation – by re-creating ourselves and finding solutions more than excuses, we will find a way. There is no right or wrong but an inspiration for discovering what’s next. Positivism!

    Jesse Rodriquez: I would say identify each individual’s passion and a dash of their natural talents to enhance their position and day to day operations. Or reallocate their place in the company where they/and the company will shine the brightest!

    Sally Caffey: YOU are your golden nugget….the more you do to enrich yourself through learning and growing your skills, knowledge, experience, and understanding, the greater the nugget.

    Julia Raymond: This is a cool initiative. Short and to the point with advice, people can apply to their specific contexts. In business, my golden nugget would be to have an abundance mindset — i.e., add value for others where you can. Business is based on human connection.

    April Sabral: One golden nugget … accept others for who they are! Creates a safe space for people to be themselves)

    Matthew Mueller: Employ empathy. Drop your guard and embrace the point of view of others.

    Ginny Darling: Keep your focus simple and consistent—know and SHOW what you stand for🙂

    Heidi Skirrow: Put customers at the heart of all activity in the Org culture, and the results will follow.

    Danny Israel-Sanchez: Always be ready for what’s to come & open to the idea of doing something different than before.

    Amy Du-Brow-Lassalle: We talk about cherishing the client so much in our selling ceremonies, but we need to cherish one another in our teams: small things matter, thoughts, and gestures, as well as taking time to give positive feedback freely and not just communicate when there’s a problem. Celebrate our individual and group successes!

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Ron Thurston

Vice President of Stores at INTERMIX, Author, and Board of Directors at GOODWILL

Ron Thurston loves retail. And he’s proud of it. Ron has led the retail teams for some of America’s most prominent brands, inspired thousands of store employees, and traveled relentlessly across the country to sit and listen to what they have to say.

From a part-time sales associate to a Vice President of Stores, Ron has put in the hard work that a retail career requires and wrote this book to share what he learned along the way.

Ron currently leads the retail organization for INTERMIX, a division of GAP INC, and sits on the board of directors for GOODWILL NY/NJ

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