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    shared a nugget in Gratitude

    3 months, 3 weeks ago
    Today was the funeral of my dear friend Hogan. We had known him for many years and I am truly grateful and blessed to have know him in my lifetime.
    What are you truly grateful for? Share your gratitude here, look forward to reading your posts. #Gratitude

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Maxcene Crowe

Founder of MCFM Global

I’m Maxcene Crowe.
I am a facilities management consultant. I specialise in mobilising supply chains across EMEA.
I am the author of mobilisation mastery due out 2021, written articles for trade journals and have been a speaker at industry conferences. I have worked with over 4000 suppliers worldwide and have won various awards for process re-engineering, and pan-european tenders.

Our aim is to provide mobilisation training and knowledge to industry professionals.

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