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  • Every day I write up a 5 minute journal of gratitude and appreciation and the things I want to focus on and the identity I seek to live by. It’s called the fiveminutejournal.com and it’s a brilliant book – 3 minutes at the beginning of the day and 2 minutes at the end of the day.
    I can’t recommend enough enough having a daily ritual and routine…Read More
  • Gratitude – Develop an attitude of gratitude.
    We take so many things in our life for granted – I know are used to do.
    Not anymore.

    The recent birth of our first grandchild which we were warned by the Doctors could’ve gone very badly wrong, but yet the baby girl recovered quickly. We are so grateful for that.

    The fact that our mother brought…Read More

  • Health – Tips from My Best Man Errol Stewart in Jamaica.
    Errol and I have known each other for over 45 years and throughout that time he has been a role model of fitness health and well-being. What did I learn from Errol about sustaining health?
    1. You need to have good habits and the excellent book atomic habits by James clear gives you good…Read More
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About me

Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE

CEO's Leadership Coach & Team Coach

Jonathan Bowman-Perks MBE
Global Leadership Coach to: Chairman, CEOs & Executive Boards.

Top 2% of Global Podcasters, Leadership Mentor & Team Coach

 Jonathan thrives supporting early growth businesses and Tech Companies; focussing on personal behaviour and future business results. You will gain a high return on investing in your own and your team’s development. His vocation has been shaped by his Father’s heroic leadership role modelling and his untimely death, as a British Royal Navy fast jet Pilot. Jonathan’s life calling is to inspire you and your team to: find and live your “True North”, unlock your potential and make a difference via your business.

Leaders say they experience 3 specific benefits from working with Jonathan: they find greater meaning and purpose for themselves and those they lead, they learn to encourage independent, finest thinking and innovation – leading to faster, sustainable business results.  Jonathan is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), Virtual Team Facilitator, motivational speaker, philanthropist, pragmatic philosopher and author. As top 2% Globally ranked Podcaster and Key Person of Influence (KPI) he focuses on current and aspiring CEOs, senior executives and their teams in every possible sector. No challenge is too hard.

These are the range of problems Jonathan helps senior leaders to solve:

  • Digital Transformation to identify & deliver on the 3 most crucial value-adding business issues
  • Assessing & building diverse senior teams – via inclusive leadership in a virtual, digital world
  • Achieving more success by deep listening, being present and have a laser-like focus
  • Helping Top Teams execute on key decisions, actions, next steps with accountability & deadlines
  • Transforming Virtual Meetings and creating more “whitespace” and strategic time to think
  • Developing Psychological Safety and mutual trust by enhancing your Emotionally Intelligence

Jonathan recently graduated from one of Harvard University’s top leadership programmes. He is Visiting Professor in Leadership and Executive MBA lecturer at Cass Business School in London. He still holds the unbroken world record for the Cyprus double Mountain Marathon.

He is a leadership authority and author of both Top Tips for Inspiring Leaders; The Little Book of Wisdom (2017), plus Inspiring Leadership: Leadership Lessons from My Life (2010). He also contributed to the book published by his wife Leigh: Inspiring Women Leaders (2014). Their next book is “Inspiring CEOs and Boards”.  All profits from their books go to their charity the Inspiring Leadership Trust helping vulnerable women and girls across the UK, in Kenya, South Africa and around the world.

He was Assistant to the Head of the British Army, Chief of Staff of the Army’s largest Brigade and commanded his Company on 3 operational tours. He was a leader in PwC, IBM and as Penna PLC’s MD of Board and Executive Coaching. HM the Queen awarded him the MBE (Member of the British Empire) for his services to leadership in training UN leaders who helped prevent the East Timor massacre. Jonathan and his wife Leigh provide a powerful partnership as speakers, virtual facilitators and executive team coaches.
Jonathan hosts an Inspiring Leadership Podcast (Rated in the Global Top 2%):


There you can see Book reviews, Blogs, videos and listen to Apple and Spotify Podcasts

Client References

Jonathan – I’ve just been reflecting on our last coaching session and how far I have come over the two years that I have been working with you as my leadership coach. I really just wanted to say a big thank you. 

You have helped teach me about what purpose really means and helped me really pursue it in my business, balancing it appropriately within our commercial mandate.  You have helped me find my true leadership style and voice – one that is authentic, and I feel really comfortable and happy with.  You have given me the courage to face some of my biggest problems and challenges and turned them into real successes – for my business and me.

You have taught me the power of team, delegation and trust.  Finally, you have helped silence my inner critic, giving me the confidence to really reach for my true potential; beyond what I ever thought was possible.

Alison Nimmo, CEO, The Crown Estate (Took Business from £10 Bn to £13.4 Bn Revenue & +40% Profit)


“I’ve just completed a number of sessions with Jonathan and wanted to share a few words about him. Jonathan truly is and continues to be an inspiration to me. Every session we have together motivates me to do more. His leadership knowledge is incredible. He is both professional and personal and what I like the most is that his says it as it is. I continue to learn more and more through his guidance and wanted to share that he has made a real positive impact on my life. Thanks Jonathan.”

Jon Parry, Vice Presidents Asda Logistic Services, Asda/ Walmart (Promotion to VP & Handling Pandemic)


‘Jonathan has been extremely helpful to me, personally and to my organisation. He is very personable, with a great gift for telling inspiring stories. He is a master of his subject, drawing on extensive research, thoughtfully introducing this and working with me to enhance my own skills and those of my team. Our work has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the value I can bring to society at large as well as the organisations and institutions I work with. Many thanks indeed Jonathan’

Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor of London & Formerly Group CFO, Barclays Bank (From CFO to Lord Mayor)


“Being a CEO can be lonely and tough. Working with Jonathan has given me confidence, support and courage to take tough decisions by enabling me to explore thinking in a safe and objective setting. His fantastically sharp mind, broad experience and outstanding coaching skills have enabled me to positively change my thinking, my use of language and enhanced my emotional intelligence to become a better leader.”

Craig Mahoney, University Principal & Vice Chancellor (Coping with Restructure & Pandemic challenges)


I am very fortunate and exceptionally grateful to have Jonathan as my coach throughout what can only be described as the most challenging year of my (and many other’s) career(s) to date. Without Jonathan’s extraordinary wisdom, his extensive reading and ability to reference and recommend practical examples tips and case studies for almost every eventuality, I believe my behaviour, optimism and performance would have been very different over the last 12 months. Simply put, Jonathan has been an extraordinary wing man, influencing much of my approach and ability to cope with complex and challenging business and personal situations through powerful coaching and an unmatched knowledge of readings

Rory Paterson, Vice President, Expedia (Restructure, Downsize & Promotion to VP Level)


Jonathan is able to listen to my challenges and bring a different perspective and angle to them, deliver that in ways in which I welcome his input and makes me reflect. He always projects positive energy and an indefatigable spirit regardless of the situation, which is infectious even when I’m sure at times he may be handling tough situations. I look forward to our conversations before we have them and enjoy them afterwards, when I think back on them.”

Philip Johnson, CFO Hargreaves Lansdown, Wealth Management (Restructure, Pandemic & Revenue + 25%)


“Jonathan has the special ability to help you to know yourself, to be yourself and to give you confidence to successfully pursue your goals.”

Baroness Margaret Eaton, The House of Lords (Promotion from Leader of Bradford City Council – House of Lords)

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