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  • Finishing the week with a fantastic interview from Michaela Carew #founder of #Decrypthut

    Her #onegoldennugget is; never underestimate your potential. And she is living proof of that statement too.

    Michaela used her time in isolation to create a business plan for #Decrypthut – a company that teaches #youngpeople coding skills to…Read More

  • ‘The only thing you can’t change is where you started’.

    This weeks #onegoldennugget #wisdom from Kian Bakhtiari as part of our hundo.careers #meetthecreator series.

    Kian is the Founder of award-winning youth marketing agency, #ThePeople

    From proactively pitching to the UN to creating an agency, the Top 50 #Future #Leader shares h…Read More

  • Using my one golden nugget feed this month to shine a light on the wisdom of others! First up, Scott Sallee, his story on our hundo.careers site live today https://bit.ly/3hcvWjG enjoy!
    Track of the week > on linkedin soon…

  • Another Friday of gratitude, this time for the extended hundo famiily who work tirelessly to get this platform off the ground. One of my favourite quotes and a golden nugget in its own right “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Friday power up tune for the last blast before the weekend …

    Get Up Original M…Read More

  • Dedicating this week’s post to all the digital nomads who work from anywhere with one of my all time ALL time most loved tracks but on of my favourite all time artists. My One Golden Nugget this week is, why does it matter where you work if the work gets done.


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About me

Esther O'Callaghan

Co-Founder at Hundo.careers

Left school at 16, been working to improve the odds for young people.

From being the first female DJ/producer to own a specialist vinyl store in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, producing major international festivals and events to now running a fast growing start up HR SaaS platform (with some waitressing, window cleaning and IronMan training in between) it’s been a unique career bringing 20+ years experience across UK Govt, Local Authority, CSR & D&I, the arts, culture, music and third sectors, tackling youth unemployment, homelessness, self harm, suicide and poverty, resulting in hundreds of thousands of children and young people supported nationally.