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  • “Ask For Help… Don’t Ask For Help…” How many of you One Golden Nugget Members love when someone asks you for help, and they refuse to listen to you or just rebut every recommendation or suggestion you supply. It is a very common & bizarre experience for me, and the worst of it always boils down to wasting my time. I take my time very…Read More
  • Hello all my dear one golden nugget members and friends. I hope this post finds you all well and doing great things. I often think about how wonderful life can be if you take out all the noise, nonsense, and stress, and how everything most certainly happens for a reason. I often say and speak about how every decision, or lack of decision, has…Read More
  • Just a quick venting session for my fellow One Golden Nugget members. As someone that loves to try and help everyone and create opportunities, I am starting to get inundated with request to connect. Those connections then continue to bombard me with an overflow of information, messages, and repeated messages even after I have agreed to speak with…Read More
  • New Year’s Eve One Golden Nugget! You made it! You got through 2020, here’s to an incredible year ahead filled with great success, happiness, wonderful new memories and most importantly great health. Now stop sayin’ you can’t wait till 2021, it could always be worse. Find and remember those little moments where you found joy and that got you…Read More
  • I hope everyone on One Golden Nugget is having a great day. If possible, take a moment and do something kind for someone we know, do not know, or someone we want to #help or #inspire today. It only takes a second to show someone you are thinking about them, care about them, and are always there for them. #Life is too short and we need to push…Read More
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Brian J. Esposito

Time Is Our Most Precious Commodity - Founder | CEO | Investor | Board Member | Advisor | Public Speaker

Welcome to my One Golden Nugget page! Here I will be sharing my truth.  I’ve seen some great times and some terrible times while building Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, LLC (EIE) www.eie.rocks, a holding company for over 20 years of work, business startups, and investments. Focuses range from manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality & hotel development, restaurants, commercial real estate, technology, crypto, blockchain, media, energy, oil & gas, aviation, space, maritimeesports, music, TV & Film, education, beauty, medical technology, security, hemp, and fashion. Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any team with his drive, ethics, and passion of connecting executives around the globe. He ensures the company has a strategic pipeline of revenues, partners, and increased profitability with strong financing, banking, and accounting support.

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