• Business is not always glamorous.

    It’s so important therefore to celebrate the nice moments.

    it was a nice moment for us to see John Attridge’s One Golden Nugget book become a best seller on Amazon. it felt good 🙏

    100% we agree with you Seb. A fantastic Nugget and one of over 600 Nuggets of wisdom in book1 which is now available to buy in paperback!
    Secure your copy today


  • Founder Member No. 14 Vanessa Ugatti delivering a killer Nugget!
  • The studio at One Golden Nugget is proud to deliver this content for Be The Business.
  • Today we have a Nugget from the amazing Gary C. Laney.

    It’s a must-watch piece of wisdom.

    Steven interviewed Gary for the next One Golden Nugget book we are just finishing. Talking of books Gary just published his latest book : “The Power of Strategic Influence! 10 Success Factors of Highly Influential Leaders.”

    It’s been a #1 Amazon…Read More

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