100% we agree with you Seb. A fantastic Nugget and one of over 600 Nuggets of wisdom in book1 which is now available to buy in paperback!
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  • Truly grateful for family and friendships. Spend a few minutes everyday expressing gratitude.
  • NEW Training/workshops for your business!

    We are delighted to bring you two new training/workshops with the incredible Dr Joe Vitale.

    “It’s all about the sale” and “Love your team!”


  • Live from TurnCoin Corporate Headquarters in Stellenbosch, South Africa just outside of Cape Town. One of the most beautiful towns I have ever been to, and surrounded by some of the most amazing, talented, and passionate people. Being here and during the upcoming launch of TurnCoin’s theXchange / VirtualStaX has really lead me to reflect on my…Read More
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