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  • This is a great Nugget we featured in John Attridge’s book ‘Business Blunders and Bloody Great Ideas.’

    It made me think about the company we are building, the products we create and the way we deliver them.

    It always amuses me how just a few simple words can shape a mind.

    Words are important.
    Everyone here at One Golden Nugget wishes you…Read More

  • It is less about the Cucci shoes, fast cars, and expensive champagne.
    Lifestyle to me is a lot more about Who I want to become and my consistent Daily act in the world.
  • Founder 82 in our Universe is Herbie Crichlow. Songwriter and legendary record producer. Here Herbie shares a Nugget on ‘Imagination’.

    To see more from Herbie visit his Founder’s page :


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  • If at first you don’t succeed try try and try again. There is no such thing as perfection in the beginning, perfection is lots and lots of practice.
  • The type of mindset you have propels you forward or can hold you back. One constant remains and that is you choose, you decide. A positive mindset can lead to opportunities you never thought possible and creates a sense of freedom. A negative mindset can keep you ‘stuck’ and even when change looks good it is more difficult to embrace and enjoy the…Read More
  • Dream Entitlement!
    You are qualified to Dream Bigger Today and to Receive More Focus and Attention as a Bonus! 😉
    ps. a Shout out to our other Founder member Steve Hill for this great Nugget!
  • Ninder Johal will be featuring in our next One Golden Nugget book.
    He is Co-Publisher of the Business Influencer magazine.
    The man exudes positive energy! Enjoy his Nugget.

    #onegoldennugget #wisdom #entreprenuer

  • ❓ Why are the Simplest messages often the hardest to put in practice…❓
    I believe it is because simplicity involves Mastery, deep Dedication, and high amounts of Focus within it!

    Creating and crafting this type of Lifestyle where your Performance comes alive is one of my passions.

    “How To” is the next obvious question, yes?

    Increase the…Read More

  • That which is thought-provoking expands. – Rocío Pérez
  • Avril Chester shared her One Golden Nugget some time ago and is a very powerful one!
    Thank you for sharing!

    #positiveaffirmations #positivo #positiveenergy #positivemidsets #positiveminds #positivequote #positive_vibes
  • Motivational Speaker, Alex Lewis is here to remind us of something very important.

    Thank you Alex!

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  • 🙄 What if your Goals, Dreams, and aspirations had a 1on1 chat with you today?
    What would they tell you? Or in this case, what they Definitely would NOT tell you?

    Here’s the thing,
    🔑 They Don’t Care about what you think, what you Do nor definitely NOT how you Feel today!!

    They are just patiently waiting there for SOMEONE to show up!

    It…Read More

  • An outstanding Nugget today from CEO of Work Wise Debbie Hatzivassiliou.
    It’s so good we are going to feature in our ‘Pure Gold’ section in our Universe.

    A must watch for all humanity!

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  • “A good intention should scare you a little…”
    #tuesdaywisdom #tuesdaynugget #onegolennugget
  • Thank you Sheldon Corey for your One Golden Nugget!
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