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  • This Thursday!!
  • Dedicating this week’s post to all the digital nomads who work from anywhere with one of my all time ALL time most loved tracks but on of my favourite all time artists. My One Golden Nugget this week is, why does it matter where you work if the work gets done.


  • Ipek Williamson

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    One Golden Nugget on Meditation
  • We were sent this post just now. Perfect ❤️


  • Had the pleasure of speaking with Itzy Holczler from the ‘Purple World’ last week.

    Here is a great Nugget for these times.

  • Hannah Smart

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    Yo boys and girls, join forces with me and let’s get some kids on the entrepreneurial ladder team!!! DONATE YOUR OLD LAPTOPS, PHONES AND TABLETS!!! 💕 Lets see if we can get the biggest join donations from One Golden Nugget members and then our Universe can start to create real waves????

    🌟 CHECK IT OUT…Read More

  • This my utter most important lesson from the year of 2020!

    Opportunities are everywhere despite what has happened as long as we are in Forward MOMENTUM, the opportunities are coming to us and For us!

    Keep Walking forward and Stay in Momentum!

  • #2020nugget – what a year. Here is one nugget that sprung to mind about this year
  • Every person I speak to has a different view of the Covid-19 experience and the way it has influenced them… One gift is perhaps the way we have reacted and learned the value of our fellow humans.
  • Lessons Learned in Lockdown 1 – Control Your Mind
  • At 71 and thoroughly retired but extremely active I volunteered to be part of a Covid-19 vaccine trial. On 3rd November I spent well over two hours being screened – again – but this time not only masses of health questions but some physical examinations, several blood pressure tests and a blood sample. This sample for the antibody test and then,…Read More

  • COVID Nugget

    We are in lockdown again in the UK, it is what it is 😃
    I am remembering today to focus only on that which I can control.

    Anyway, here is a Nugget from me on thoughts during this time.
    Have a wonderful day.

    #covid19 #lockdown #mindset

  • After our previous Covid-19 lockdown I discussed my perception and learning from that experience, in interview with Steven Foster (co-Founder of One Golden Nugget). Entering lockdown once again it seems relevant to share this now.
  • Here is my first video for Golden Nuggets! Hopefully I got the technology right! Have a great weekend everyone.
  • Stephen Daltrey provides elite coaching to the music business.
    Here he is talking about the importance of connection, especially during this current Covid experience. It was a pleasure to interview him for the next book.

    #covid19 #connection

  • When times get tough, you gotta get scrappy!

    Here is our friend ‘Brian Esposito’ with a very straight-talking Nugget on these current times. A MUST WATCH!


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