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  • Avril Chester

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    #TuesdayMotivations – Have a wonderful Christmas
  • Do a little exercise each day consistently and you will see results.
  • Happiness month part 2… all my chats this week with friends, family and my team are yeah lockdown starting to lift, but its been a tough start to 2021 and people are feeling it. So my one golden nugget this week is… this weekend, if there’s a mate or colleague you haven’t heard from for a bit – reach out to them so they know you’re there and…Read More

  • Tuomo Vauhkonen

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    First, Do the Fundamentals right!

    We are living in an instant Gratification world where everything has become hackable. Today there is hack and a shortcut available to almost everything.

    Unfortunately, your Health is Not one of those elements!

    As our attention spans has become so short that planting seeds and allowing them grow to one day…Read More

  • Health – Tips from My Best Man Errol Stewart in Jamaica.
    Errol and I have known each other for over 45 years and throughout that time he has been a role model of fitness health and well-being. What did I learn from Errol about sustaining health?
    1. You need to have good habits and the excellent book atomic habits by James clear gives you good…Read More
  • Exercise your willpower, start your day doing something hard, and chalk up a WIN!

    Benefits of cold water therapy.

    #MentalFitness #Challenges #Mindset

  • Hack your nervous system to get all the benefits of a full workout in 6 minutes.

    Nugget to optimize our brain health to generate #energy

  • Thanks for sharing the wisdom Malcolm!
  • Our Brains are mostly fat and water. So it makes sense to to fuel it with what it needs to optimize it’s performance and up-level our #Energy
  • I believe the #1 predictor to succeed at anything is #Energy.

    My first tip to harness your brain energy is a healthy brain diet or neuro-nutrition.
    I always start with the “Not-To-Do” list. what to avoid

  • I believe the #1 predictor to succeed at anything is #Energy ! Over the next week or so I’m going to be dropping nuggets on how we can optimize our brain health to generate and manage our energy.
  • Here is my One Golden Nugget!

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