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  • The One Golden Nugget team and Microsoft, great things are coming!!!
    Microsoft Middle East & Africa 💙 Startups
  • One Golden Nugget

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  • Memento Vivere – Remember that you have to live.
  • Joe Foster

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    2021 is here!
  • Brian J. Esposito

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    New Year’s Eve One Golden Nugget! You made it! You got through 2020, here’s to an incredible year ahead filled with great success, happiness, wonderful new memories and most importantly great health. Now stop sayin’ you can’t wait till 2021, it could always be worse. Find and remember those little moments where you found joy and that got you…Read More
  • Ipek Williamson

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    I have asked my friends to share with me a Nugget they have learned in 2020 and some generously shared their #2020nuggets

    Here are some that I’ve found thought-provoking and share-worthy.

    1) Vikas Bajaj, Director at Core Mentors Association

    Many people are conscious of what is happening in the world right now and many people are giving…Read More

  • If I had one major insight from 2020 so far it would be how important those close to us are.. those people we have created a truthful and lasting relationships in business are for the future. The love of those in geneological family that we have had to avoid for safety. How we choose to protect those older than ourselves with the gift of…Read More

  • I interviewed Chrissie Lightfoot for our second book.
    Very inspirational and brimming with Nuggets!

    Here she shares a Nugget for ‘The Future’.



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