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  • Business is not always glamorous.

    It’s so important therefore to celebrate the nice moments.

    it was a nice moment for us to see John Attridge’s One Golden Nugget book become a best seller on Amazon. it felt good 🙏

    100% we agree with you Seb. A fantastic Nugget and one of over 600 Nuggets of wisdom in book1 which is now available to buy in paperback!
    Secure your copy today


  • Founder Member No. 14 Vanessa Ugatti delivering a killer Nugget!
  • The studio at One Golden Nugget is proud to deliver this content for Be The Business.
  • Today we have a Nugget from the amazing Gary C. Laney.

    It’s a must-watch piece of wisdom.

    Steven interviewed Gary for the next One Golden Nugget book we are just finishing. Talking of books Gary just published his latest book : “The Power of Strategic Influence! 10 Success Factors of Highly Influential Leaders.”

    It’s been a #1 Amazon…Read More

  • My golden nugget post Dragons Den
  • Thinking of starting a business?
    This Nugget is for you. The amazing Kara Goldin Founder of Hint shares her wisdom.

    #karagoldin #hint #onegoldennugget

  • My One Golden Nugget this week is my original nugget! Keep f**king going. For all the Founders out there who may be feeling the start up, scale up, WTF burn.

  • Is there a mental health role-model in your organisation who has been brave, open, and honest by sharing her/his mental health challenges?

    And how has their story affected you? Has this role-model made it easier for you to ask for help when you are struggling with your mental health?

  • In the past few weeks, I have come across a number of businesses where they shared how their products or content is being copied. There are ways to protect the work you have worked so hard for. You can look into Trademarks, Design protection, patent protection or T&Cs for content that you create. When i came up with a new hair curling…Read More

  • Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

  • Want to know how to make yourself a better leader, check this out!….”I’m Brian Holliday, Managing Director for Siemens Digital Industries in the UK and Ireland. My One Golden Nugget for business leaders is that we all have strengths, but when over used they inhibit our progress. The Strength Deployment Inventory tool is a way to gauge our s…Read More

  • WHY should we ‘be authentic’ as a business leader? Ivan Baldwin explains this so well right here – have a watch!
  • Remember to keep your mindset strong.
    “Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it”
    You just keep going!
    Have a positive week friends.

  • I love this nugget by Jonathan Finch! Small decisions really can make a huge difference!! Take a listen and make a difference today!
  • Good morning!

    Here is a great reminder ….

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    Watch the money!
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