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  • Parenting is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences have encountered, and you know what I would not change anything. Here is my one golden nugget on the topic, l would love to hear yours💕
  • A fantastic One Golden Nugget on “Failure” by British-American business executive, Peter Moore.

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  • Once more, Olympic athlete Devon Harris shares his amazing wisdom with all of us. Thank you Devon Harris OLY!


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  • Fantastic Golden Nugget by Executive Coach, Nicole Jones.
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  • One thing that everybody does wrong…

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  • Don’t ever give up!
  • “Ask For Help… Don’t Ask For Help…” How many of you One Golden Nugget Members love when someone asks you for help, and they refuse to listen to you or just rebut every recommendation or suggestion you supply. It is a very common & bizarre experience for me, and the worst of it always boils down to wasting my time. I take my time very…Read More
  • Josh Littlejohn MBE is the Founder of Social Bite and The World’s Big Sleepout.

    He’s doing some incredible work, check him out at :

    Here Josh shares a Nugget on ‘What to do when it’s not working.’
    His Nugget is a great reminder about zig-zagging!


  • A Nugget for anyone going after their dream!

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  • “Feelings such as confidence are end products of our Experiences“
    -Joe Dispenza-

    So instead of chasing the feeling, DO more hard tasks that then expand yourself and results into these feelings that we are after!

    Focus on the path, Not the Goal.
    Process rather than the Outcome.
    Journeys over the Destinations.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow makes an excellent point here! In my long journey with Reebok from day 1 we came up against problem after problem and the only way to solve them was to take the right attitude!

    In my story, Shoemaker, you will read about some of the many problems we faced and overcame. Happy reading and I hope it inspires to you to take…Read More

  • From our first OGN book I love this Nugget from Mike Podesto.

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  • Julian Treasure’s Ted talks have been viewed over 100million times.

    That’s incredible!

    Here he is delivering a Nugget for all people.


  • Amine Arezki

    shared a nugget in Challenges

    The perfect answer!
  • One Golden Nugget on Asking for Help
  • I’m an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery since August 20, 2009.

    I help others along the same path.

    I need to have it in order to give it away.

    So sobriety and recovery is my #1 priority.

    There is a lot I need to do to continue to recover.

    At the most basic level, I need to not pick up a drink or a drug a day at a time.

    The…Read More

  • Some men see things as they are and ask why…I dream of things that never were and ask why not. George Bernard Shaw

  • Concerned about the #stigma of mental ill-health, and how it might affect their career, most employees choose to hide their #mentalhealthstruggles.

    However, a compassionate leader and a caring colleague will spot the signs of someone struggling, if they just stop and notice.

    You can be that leader or colleague today, tomorrow.
    Can you…Read More

  • One Golden Nugget on Forgiveness
  • Overcoming adversity. Positivity, hope & faith.
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