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  • Business is not always glamorous.

    It’s so important therefore to celebrate the nice moments.

    it was a nice moment for us to see John Attridge’s One Golden Nugget book become a best seller on Amazon. it felt good 🙏

  • This is a great Nugget we featured in John Attridge’s book ‘Business Blunders and Bloody Great Ideas.’

    It made me think about the company we are building, the products we create and the way we deliver them.

    It always amuses me how just a few simple words can shape a mind.

    Words are important.
    Everyone here at One Golden Nugget wishes you…Read More

  • Its been a while so here is a good one, a nugget on work life balance or should we say work life rhythm from Fiona McDonnell, International GM, Board Advisor, Author, Speaker and Director of Amazon.
  • Writing for book2 is nearly complete.
    I make many notes for the books and found this one this morning. Not my text, and I can’t remember where it came from. It’s just beautiful truth, so it had to be shared.

    Within any clearly imagined dream, far beyond the curtains of time and space, lies the intelligence and energy to choreograph the entire…Read More

    100% we agree with you Seb. A fantastic Nugget and one of over 600 Nuggets of wisdom in book1 which is now available to buy in paperback!
    Secure your copy today


  • Truly grateful for family and friendships. Spend a few minutes everyday expressing gratitude.
  • Often leadership is seen as driving from the front. A sign of a great leader is someone who shares the vision, empowers others and is not aftaid to let others lead whilst remaining accountable .
  • NEW Training/workshops for your business!

    We are delighted to bring you two new training/workshops with the incredible Dr Joe Vitale.

    “It’s all about the sale” and “Love your team!”


  • Live from TurnCoin Corporate Headquarters in Stellenbosch, South Africa just outside of Cape Town. One of the most beautiful towns I have ever been to, and surrounded by some of the most amazing, talented, and passionate people. Being here and during the upcoming launch of TurnCoin’s theXchange / VirtualStaX has really lead me to reflect on my…Read More
  • It is less about the Cucci shoes, fast cars, and expensive champagne.
    Lifestyle to me is a lot more about Who I want to become and my consistent Daily act in the world.
  • MICROSOFT NUGGET – Roberto Croci
    Roberto is the MD of Microsoft for Startups.
    A true leader and I had the pleasure of breakfast with him whilst in Dubai.

    Here delivers his wisdom regarding leadership.

    #onegoldennugget #roberocroci #microsoft #startups

  • Founder 82 in our Universe is Herbie Crichlow. Songwriter and legendary record producer. Here Herbie shares a Nugget on ‘Imagination’.

    To see more from Herbie visit his Founder’s page :


    #onegoldennugget #herbiecrichlow #wisdom

  • Thank you Dubai!
    It was great to be a part of Gitex and we made so many new friends.
    See you again in January.

    Here I am on-stage smiling!


  • If at first you don’t succeed try try and try again. There is no such thing as perfection in the beginning, perfection is lots and lots of practice.
  • We are delighted to be writing a new One Golden Nugget book with our friends at Centred.
    Here is CMO Sarah Gallo sharing her Nugget of wisdom.
    If you’d like to apply to be featured in their forthcoming book visit http://www.onegoldennugget.com/centred

    #onegoldennugget #centred #wisdom

  • Founder Member No. 14 Vanessa Ugatti delivering a killer Nugget!
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