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1GN started out as a search for answers by Steven Foster. Looking to fix a 28 year business career which had seen him building something, only each time to lose it.

“I started asking people how they had overcome challenging situations and what they had learned from them, in an effort to fix myself. That turned into the idea of the nuggets and the books”.

Book One

Submissions closed 30th April 2019

We received thousands of nuggets for book one!

The response was incredible and I’d like to thank every single one of you I interviewed and the others who sent in nuggets.

Humbling to read your wisdom.

I’m currently writing the book and it follows the journey of 1GN and how we lit the spark to the process with the first nugget from film legend ‘Warwick Davis’ (Harry Potter/Star Wars).

Steven Foster – Nugget Collector

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Sell 2 million copies of our books
Build a global platform of wisdom
Interview Oprah on ‘The 1GN Show’!

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