The Hit List!

Welcome to ‘The Hit List’. A growing number of highly interesting people Steve would like to interview for ‘One Golden Nugget’, asking them for their one piece of life advice.
The fame, money and success are great, but we are interested in the ‘bit’ before all that amazing stuff happened. What they were thinking and doing before the success arrived. The ‘cause’ to the incredible ‘effect’ they created.

Oprah Winfrey

CEO, Producer, Publisher,
Actress and Innovator

Will Smith

American actor, rapper
and media personality

Judi Dench


Gary V

CEO of VaynerMedia,
5-Time NYT Bestselling Author

Brian Tracy

Motivational public speaker and
self-development author

Amanda Holden

TV presenter and talent competition judge, actress, singer, writer,
and media personality

Simon Cowell

Steve’s hero!

Ellen Degeneres

American comedian,
television host, actress,
writer, and producer

Julia Roberts

American actress and producer

Eamonn Holmes

Journalist and broadcaster

Lady Gaga

American singer, songwriter
and actress

Chris Evans

English television presenter, radio DJ,
businessman, and producer

Steven Speilberg

American filmmaker

Emma Bunton

Member of Spice Girls

Jim Carrey

Seer of all things

Russell Brand

English comedian, actor,
radio host, author, and total legend!


Singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman

Nick Grey

Inventor and Entrepreneur

Lily Allen

Singer and Songwriter

Take That

English pop group

Eddie Izzard

English stand-up comedian and actor

Julie Walters

Actress and writer

Ernesto Schmitt

Entrepreneur and investor

Michelle Obama

 Lawyer, university administrator and writer

Emma Watson

English actress, model and activist

Jeff Weiner

CEO at LinkedIn



Quincy Jones

Record producer and musician

Bill Morgan

Google’s Chief Marketing Officer

Kate Aide

English journalist

Daniel Day Lewis


Vandana Shiva

Environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and alter-globalisation author.

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

British self-styled “homestyle consultant”
and television personality

Bob Proctor

Author, motivational speaker,
and success coach .


English singer-songwriter

James Martin

British TV Chef

Deepak Chopra

author, public speaker, alternative
medicine advocate

Bruce Lipton

Author and developmental biologist