What is your One Golden Nugget?
That one piece of wisdom you’ve learned
on the magnificent journey we call life.

What is a Nugget?

A Nugget is a piece of wisdom you’d like to share with the world. Often our most challenging situations provide the best learnings. Your Nugget could change someone elses life.

How long does my Nugget need to be?

Maximum 2 minutes. Think about what you are going to say. Start with your name, position and ‘My One Golden Nugget is’.

What format does my Nugget need to be?

You can record a Nugget video with the widget. And if you need to re-do it, that’s no problem. You can also write us a Nugget or upload a video or voice record one.

Where will you use my Nugget?

The Nuggets we select we use in our books, share in our Universe and on social.

Does my Nugget need to be original?

No, as long as you credit the author. Those Nuggets we read in books or hear from other people and then adopt into our own lives and powerful things. Share with us what you have learned on your journey.

Example Nuggets