Oprah is my queen!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Oprah. What she has achieved in her life is nothing short of incredible. I want to interview her for the ‘One Golden Nugget’ book and ask her how she got through challenging times and of course what her ‘One Golden Nugget’ is.

How am I going to reach Oprah?

I have no idea, the ‘how’ is of no interest.

The one life lesson I have learned from the nuggets is about ‘The Power of Intention’ and I’m going to use it to reach Oprah.

So Oprah, we are now destined to meet!

The Power of Intention
works as follows:

1 – Set the intention. The ‘thing’ you want to create in your life.

2 – Let it go completely of ‘how’ it will be created. It is not our job to say ‘how’ things happen.

3 – Hustle like crazy – i.e. create the energy to fuel the intention.

Wendy Green – ‘Super Connector’

Wendy Green is a lady from New York who knows everyone. Steve has enlisted her help to get to Oprah and in the midst of that another opportunity arises! He has also realised before fame and fortune knocks, some botox will be required 

Oprah visits the office!

In a bid to create engaging TV and Steve’s belief he can write comedy sketches, he gets Tony the landlord to wear an Oprah mask and pretends he is interviewing her!

The search for Oprah begins

We begin our search to connect with the most incredible person on the planet and for Steve to interview Oprah for One Golden Nugget.