One Golden Nugget LIVE!

Great ideas breed more great ideas and there’s no substitute for experience.

One Golden Nugget LIVE! is an interactive talk about ideas, experience, overcoming failure and trusting your own decisions.

An accomplished public speaker with more than his share of outrageous fortune to draw on, Steven Foster is ready to meet your audience and share with them the highs and lows of being a serial entrepreneur.

He has basked in the limelight and suffered the slings and arrows on a career path that saw him drop out of school before being feted as the golden boy of the Prince’s Trust. He’s had tea with The Queen, made and lost a fortune on the Rave scene and swept factory floors. He came back, was courted by The X Factor and went into business with Duncan Bannatyne, a move that cost him everything – including, for a spell, his sanity.

Down, but never out, he has made it his business to learn from every wrong move, false step, break through and knock back. Along the way there have been people who helped, people who hindered, some that taught him a lesson and a few that turned to him for help.

Now he’s meeting people from across the business spectrum and asking their advice.

All of them feature in One Golden Nugget LIVE!, the show that comes to your business. Steven invites members of the audience to share their own nuggets of experiences, unpacks the advice and leads a discussion to see where each one takes him.

One Golden Nugget LIVE! – Let’s share the wisdom!

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