I´m Wendy Green

Founder & CEO

Live & United and Adopt a Mask
A strategic partnership consultant for business and product development with a lifetime career as an overachiever in sales. Since you’re taking the time to read my summary, I’ll share a little known secret with you today.
About Me

Truth is, there isn’t a superstar, account executive, gimmick or sales pitch that has ever sold anyone anything.

People make buying decisions based on rapport and trust, which leads to an emotional connection. There is no secret, no secret sauce, no sales method that a guru will teach you in his next book. The true ‘secret’ is understanding how to talk to people, how to listen with intent, how to relate to people, because you genuinely care about helping them make the right decision.

I learned how to find the problem, then provide them a solution to fix their problem, not the solution I convinced them to need.

This ‘method’ has guided me through an exciting journey, spanning almost every industry, transitioning my career to help businesses scale, using a strategy, which accelerates the growth of any industry.

Through my fearless ability to speak the truth, admit when I’m wrong and ask questions or help without ego, I have built a network that breeds reciprocity with relationships that span the earth.

✰ I demand success and accept nothing less.
✰ I open doors, all doors and live for the challenge.
✰ I cut through the complex matrix of gatekeepers, political barriers and organizational dynamics to expose the solution to any problem.

What is Adopt a Mask?
Why I started Adopt a Mask