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  • In the past few weeks, I have come across a number of businesses where they shared how their products or content is being copied. There are ways to protect the work you have worked so hard for. You can look into Trademarks, Design protection, patent protection or T&Cs for content that you create. When i came up with a new hair curling…Read More

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    shared a nugget in Gratitude

    I would like to say thank you to LAWRENCE TRIST for his kind support. He offered to speak with me over the phone and offered help and advice when i needed it the most. I never met Lawrence but i felt like i was speaking to a family member. Thank you so much Lawrence. My products went viral the past few weeks and had an overwhelming amount of…Read More

  • The shed in the background, is where I created my first prototypes. It took 2 years and 3 months to receive my patent through my door. Persistence, consistency, hard work, dedication and passion will eventually pay off. Today’s nugget: Be patient… good things take time.
  • This may come across harsh to some but spare a moment to understand it. I have being listening to a new podcast by Rob Dial , a very inspirational and motivational coach and I just love this phrase that he shares on his podcast, because it is so true.

    Whatever life throws at you, the actions that you take afterwards is what’s going to…Read More

  • Hello everyone, I do plan to film some nuggets but in the meantime, i’d love to share a post nugget with you all. My parents used to say this phrase to me all time when i was little. I was painfully shy and I was always so scared to ask for anything. I have learnt the hard way and it’s true… if you don’t ask, you simply don’t get!
    Want more revi…Read More
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