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    Even as a young person, I was offended by racism
    I did not understand it.
    I did not relate to it.
    I did not experience it.
    Now at 65, I feel exactly the same.
    It is not in my nature.
    To me it makes no sense at all.
    It never has, it never will.
    Call me innocent. Call me naive.
    Now I dislike any form of prejudice or as I like to…Read More

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My One Golden Nugget

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About me

Vanessa Ugatti

Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author

I am a deep-thinking, highly sensitive empath with a slightly naughty sense of humour; OK at times more than slightly. I wear my heart on my sleeve, am honest, authentic and down-to-earth. In my 30s, I described myself as zany blond with legs and wit. Nothing much has changed!
I don’t do politics and never really towed the line. Got me into trouble, but if everyone was a sheep, it wouldn’t do, would it?
I can’t bear any form of injustice or ‘ism’ and don’t like silly rules that make no sense.
I love dogs, languages, the Blues and feel I still have a lot to give.

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