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  • This quick Nugget is highly inspired by the late Mark Sluszny who I was fortunate to meet while he was still with us.

    The original Quote by him is:

    “It’s the Path, Not the Goal,
    It’s Journey, Not the Destination that matters“.

  • What is the Truth about Happiness?
    The everlasting chase for the internal Feeling…

    Understand that the Feeling we are after is a by-product of your External AND Internal Alignment.

    Many people believe and talk about only one of the other which only brings Polarity and divides us further.

    Both sides of the coin are needed full experience and…Read More

  • Being Busy for the pure sake of Busyness is the kiss of death to your Dreams and Desires.

    Having a clear Focus and knowing of your own Mountain to climb is needed today more than ever!

    A pre-cursory element to this though is your Energy.
    A fundamental piece of the puzzle that needs to be in place as the raw material.

    When you got adequate…Read More

  • First, Do the Fundamentals right!

    We are living in an instant Gratification world where everything has become hackable. Today there is hack and a shortcut available to almost everything.

    Unfortunately, your Health is Not one of those elements!

    As our attention spans has become so short that planting seeds and allowing them grow to one day…Read More

  • Tuomo Vauhkonen

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    In which 1% Club you belong to?
    Because we all do belong to one or many of them.

    So often we fight against our own limitations trying to do things that we are not great at. Improving our weaknesses instead of Focusing on our own strengths and how to utilize them better to serve the people we are in contact with!

    Finding this uniqueness within…Read More

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My One Golden Nugget

Happiness as a Byproduct

A collection of nuggets
from my partners and friends


About me

Tuomo Vauhkonen

Coach & Trainer - Tuomo Vauhkonen Coaching

Coach & Trainer – Tuomo Vauhkonen Coaching

As a Lifestyle and Performance Coach/ Trainer I’m interested in how we develop, Grow and do what we do.

From an early age I was always active and played my life outdoors. I went through the sports academy of Finland to become a sports instructor, played competitive Tennis and Semi professional basketball before I left Finland in my early 20’s.

Today my attention is more towards holistic health and a complete approach towards optimized Performance & Lifestyle.

After traveling the world for 15+ years educating myself on the road I became a dive instructor, worked with Ultra High end clients in the super yachting industry before French Polynesia called me home.
I also lived on the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) and in Panama.

I love spending time in nature, surfing and meeting people who have a passion in and for life.

My crucial daily needs are meditation, family and nature connection.

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