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  • Goals and Goal Setting.. An evergreen topic to think and talk about, yes?

    Make sure to Fall in Love with the Process and find Fulfilment in the everyday Grind and hustle.

  • Sounds so simple, yet when you really think about it, nothing would be held together without the connection..

    No Business would run nor a single relationship would have lasted. Every bone in our body, cells and neurons are all interconnected and held together by a connection!

    The question then becomes, what are those connections made of and how…Read More

  • I feel that there is a difference in Setting intentions and Goals for our work days and Life in general.

    Finding Clarity starts by taking care of our mind which is a Goal seeking machine.
    Though if those Goals are a bit unsure, a good way to get going is to set Intentions and a heading for the Day!

  • Tuomo Vauhkonen

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    💥Think bigger and greater than your feelings!⁣⁣
    This might have been one of those crucial ideas and Insights that helped and pushed me further in 2020!

    So, often we fall prey to our Emotions and the end products – Feelings!

    Shift your thinking, your #mindset and intercept the very feedback loop to change its trajectory!

    The trick…Read More

  • Tuomo Vauhkonen

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    “Opportunities come to those who are available, not necessarily Ready”.

    Make sure you keep showing up in 2021, exposing your gifts & talents and keep putting yourself out there and available!

    This is an obvious continuation from my last nugget and its 2020 lesson..

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About me

Tuomo Vauhkonen

Coach & Trainer - Tuomo Vauhkonen Coaching

Coach & Trainer – Tuomo Vauhkonen Coaching

As a Lifestyle and Performance Coach/ Trainer I’m interested in how we develop, Grow and do what we do.

From an early age I was always active and played my life outdoors. I went through the sports academy of Finland to become a sports instructor, played competitive Tennis and Semi professional basketball before I left Finland in my early 20’s.

Today my attention is more towards holistic health and a complete approach towards optimized Performance & Lifestyle.

After traveling the world for 15+ years educating myself on the road I became a dive instructor, worked with Ultra High end clients in the super yachting industry before French Polynesia called me home.
I also lived on the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) and in Panama.

I love spending time in nature, surfing and meeting people who have a passion in and for life.

My crucial daily needs are meditation, family and nature connection.

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