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  • In this episode are chatting to Foong about the benefit of helping others, during the National Volunteers Week 1-7 June. We also talked about purpose and founders’ mental health.

    You can watch the full episode here: https://www.formscore.today/podcast/wai-foong-ng

  • “If you have the privilege of leadership, your most profound responsibility is to create an environment for those you are leading to be at their best and to fulfil their potential.”

    It is a genuine pleasure to share the recording of my recent Form Guide conversation with John Flint, Former Group CEO of HSBC.

    In this wide ranging…Read More

  • Here is to being Proactive than Reactive.

    Thank you Geoff McDonald.

    You can watch the full discussion with Geoff here: https://www.formscore.today/podcast/geoff-mcdonald. In this episode, we talk about finding our purpose. We also talk about creating a world where everybody, in every workplace, feels they genuinely have the choice to put…Read More

  • Golden Nugget by Craig Fenton, Director of Strategy & Operations at Google.

    What is your side project?

    You can watch the full episode with Craig here:

  • There are few things as important in the fight to normalise mental health as talking openly from personal experience; this simple, courageous act is a sledgehammer to the stigma that stubbornly surrounds the topic of mental illness in workplaces; homes; society at large.

    Read the full article here:…Read More

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