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  • I’ve been struggling to separate work and home in the last few days. At times my emotions have controlled me rather than me controlling how I respond.

    I’m grateful to be emotionally intelligent and self-aware, as it means I can do something about it.

    Here’s my plan:
    1. When I finish for the day, I’m going to lock my laptop and take a few…Read More

  • Positive affirmation. Reminding ourselves of our value and our worth is priceless. It might feel uncomfortable to record it, so write it down. It just needs to be easily accessible. 😃

    #mentalhealth #mentalfitness #resilience

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About me

Nicholas Jemetta

Award Winning Mental Health Speaker

We all have mental health.

I believe that our mental health and any periods of mental ill health, do not define us. Each of us has limitless potential to achieve, to be happy and to do good in the world.

I’m an award winning mental health speaker, campaigner and digital content creator, alongside my day job in technology working for a large retailer.

I’m a father, a husband, a son, a friend. And like many I’ve experienced the pain, isolation and suffering of mental ill health. I’ve been to the brink, but I found my way back.

There is always hope and it’s okay not to be okay.

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