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  • If it’s feeling tough at the moment I hope this Nugget helps.
    I know I needed to hear it.

    Thanks, Dr D Ivan Young for your timely wisdom.


  • Santosh Kotnis reminds us here that miracles do happen.
    And that’s a great thing to be reminded of, thanks Santosh!

    #onegoldennugget #miracles

  • It’s happiness month at One Golden Nugget so how blessed were we to talk to Michael Ray, Founder of ‘Smile Project’.

    He spends his day ensuring he is the reason someone smiles.

    That’s incredible.

    #onegoldennugget #happiness

  • From our first OGN book I love this Nugget from Mike Podesto.

    #onegoldennugget #ognbook1

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My One Golden Nugget

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About me

Steven Foster

CEO & Founder

I have promoted Britain’s biggest raves, written hit songs and owned a record label that sold millions of albums. I’ve also fallen on my arse and had to clean toilets and sweep floors to keep my dream alive.

I started asking people for their one piece of life advice to improve myself, which then turned into the first One Golden Nugget book and now our Universe for sharing wisdom.

I believe the truly successful people in life are the ones who simply never give up on their dream. Anything is possible, go for it!

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