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  • Had the pleasure of speaking with Itzy Holczler from the ‘Purple World’ last week.

    Here is a great Nugget for these times.

  • COVID Nugget

    We are in lockdown again in the UK, it is what it is 😃
    I am remembering today to focus only on that which I can control.

    Anyway, here is a Nugget from me on thoughts during this time.
    Have a wonderful day.

    #covid19 #lockdown #mindset

  • Steven Foster

    shared a nugget in Covid-19

    Stephen Daltrey provides elite coaching to the music business.
    Here he is talking about the importance of connection, especially during this current Covid experience. It was a pleasure to interview him for the next book.

    #covid19 #connection

  • When times get tough, you gotta get scrappy!

    Here is our friend ‘Brian Esposito’ with a very straight-talking Nugget on these current times. A MUST WATCH!


  • How are you doing? It’s a question we should all be asking each other a little bit more.

    We plan to build a wonderful stream of Covid19 Nuggets on here :



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I have promoted Britain’s biggest raves, written hit songs and owned a record label that sold millions of albums. I’ve also fallen on my arse and had to clean toilets and sweep floors to keep my dream alive.

I started asking people for their one piece of life advice to improve myself, which then turned into the first One Golden Nugget book and now our Universe for sharing wisdom.

I believe the truly successful people in life are the ones who simply never give up on their dream. Anything is possible, go for it!

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