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  • Introducing a great new friend of mine to our founders… Brian Wall.

    Brain health for us all is Brian’s goal.

    Brain health is adaptive…

    “Genes load the gun….. it’s our behaviour and environment that might pull the trigger” ….

    Brian is based in the USA and is an expert with more than 20 years experience in addictions and mental…Read More

  • There is a navigation in life… it follows passion and dreams🌈 every so often a person appears, a lucky moment, Joe is such a man and we all take a breath, a deep one, and find ourselves in the presence of a genius who is kind enough to share wisdom. The lessons in his book, “The Shoe Maker” speak to many…. the ability to speak with him per…Read More

  • “One cannot enjoy a poet if we judge the motivation…. neither can we enjoy the music we hear if we must, on each song, decipher the moment of its’ creation. Each is a moment in time for the enjoyment of the creator that we are privalaged to witness” Maxwell Preece 2020

  • In 2020 I realised that family, friendships and connections are more important than more money or fame.

    I also learned to “pass the ball “ to the player in the best position to score so that we all share the win . Collecting “man of the match” is fun but it doesn’t win the trophy…. the team does.

    Mankind is a big team!

  • A Nugget for 2021 from founder Jose Ochoa
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As a creative, not in the past tense, and not withstanding, without limitation and still active within TG & Peer Music as a songwriter and, for my sins, a radio presenter & voice artist,  also as a co-producer with Emmy and Ivor Novello nomination awards in TV Music, and, previously signed as an artist to Mike Stock of the legendary SAW….  I have now arrived at a singularity, a point of focus …building a Universe!  As Co-founder and, known in the office as ‘Merlin’, I am the annoying thinker ‘n’ poker of One Golden Nugget. As such it falls upon my little brain to stand on the shoulders of giants to see ‘far and beyond’ as we share a vision significantly beyond our wildest dreams. 🙂  In context…. of which there is little,  I arrive before the thought, accept the thought now is here, say the thought had been thought, accept that the thought is now an accepted thought, refine the thoughts that, have by random coincidence been thought, hand the thoughts back to the thought originator,, get told how the thought should be thought, adjust the thought, edit it and pass it on,,,Simple

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