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  • Everyone needs a trusted ear to call when life throws a curveball.
    Being the person called does not require you to catch the curveball.
    Often it’s just being there to listen.
    Take the call and know it makes a big difference…..

  • ‘If you need assistance that works…ask an expert in that field… make your question concise!.. accept that what you hear is not what you would expect or do yourself…

    Act on that advice!
    If, it does not solve the issue ..ask another or if it is because you don’t understand the gift perhaps? Ask them to teach you. Pretend you are an…Read More

  • This post may not be exactly the norm for our site… it is however in respect of a man who held dear many of our values. As such I post the following on behalf of OGN.

    Sir Tom Moore left his greatest moment to the last… he has left this world reminding us all of what is possible… of compassion and the will to create good. A memory…Read More

  • Wisdom for a Saturday evening…
    14 cycles a second… just like a candle… alpha relaxation
  • “You cannot give physically that which you do not hold yourself… and, to give of ‘the mind’, however correct or brilliant, is judged by many on the former!” Max Preece 2021 Founder & Director, One Golden Nugget
    #onegoldennugget #Quote #inspire

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Maxwell Preece

Thinking and Poking Dept. EIC One Golden Nugget Board

Board Member & Director - One Golden Nugget


As a creative, not in the past tense, and not withstanding, without limitation and still active within TG & Peer Music as a songwriter and, for my sins, a radio presenter & voice artist,  also as a co-producer with Emmy and Ivor Novello nomination awards in TV Music, and, previously signed as an artist to Mike Stock of the legendary SAW….  I have now arrived at a singularity, a point of focus …building a Universe!  As Co-founder and, known in the office as ‘Merlin’, I am the annoying thinker ‘n’ poker of One Golden Nugget. As such it falls upon my little brain to stand on the shoulders of giants to see ‘far and beyond’ as we share a vision significantly beyond our wildest dreams. 🙂  In context…. of which there is little,  I arrive before the thought, accept the thought now is here, say the thought had been thought, accept that the thought is now an accepted thought, refine the thoughts that, have by random coincidence been thought, hand the thoughts back to the thought originator,, get told how the thought should be thought, adjust the thought, edit it and pass it on,,,Simple

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