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  • Founder at Efficacy Life Coaching | Functional Health and Wellness Coach |Strategic Interventionist | Knowledge Business Broker | Influencer | Speaker | Spiritual Warrior
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  • #MyOneGoldenNugget today on living in integrity

    The way our bodies respond when we aren’t living in our truth.

    The questions are the answers.

    #MentalFitness #Health #Challenges

  • Joseph Pollaro

    shared a nugget in Mindset

    #HappinessMonth is inspiring me to share more tools, exercises, rituals, and routines to generate happiness.

    #MyOneGoldenNugget is the foundation of my mental & emotional hygiene practice and the core principle of my coaching.

    There is nothing that is wrong with you that can’t be fixed with what’s right with you.

    Time to BRAG!

  • #HappinessMonth and #MyOneGoldenNugget to live life with more joy is to find it in the simple, seemingly insignificant moments, people, places, and things you typically take for granted.

    States are created by us we are not acted on by them.

    #Gratitude #MentalFitness #Health #Fun

  • #MyOneGoldenNugget ~ Accept this truth, end your suffering and start growing and contributing beyond yourself.

    #MentalFitness #Belief #MyJourney

  • “The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” ~Harriet Ann Jacobs

    #MyOneGoldenNugget Spring Equinox 2021 from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

    Service, a celebration of life, new beginnings, and the power of water on the human mind, body & soul.

    #MentalFitness #Energy #Mindset

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My One Golden Nugget

Welcome to my One Golden Nugget page

A collection of nuggets
from my partners and friends


About me

Joseph Pollaro

Founder at Efficacy Life Coaching | Strategic Interventionist | Knowledge Business Broker | Influencer | Speaker | Coach

I’m Joey, Founder of Efficacy Life Coaching. Welcome to my One Golden Nugget page.

My little slice of the magical Universe that UNITES not DIVIDES!

The birth of ELC was inspired, established, and built on the foundation of my personal history with overcoming adversity. My evolution serves as an example of what is possible for others.  My mission is to be of service; empowering people to go higher, unlock their infinite potential, and get more of what they desire in life. Facilitating change and growth in myself and others is my greatest source of joy, my gift, and my craft.

I specialize in working with people in recovery to supplement their programs taking them Above & Beyond The 12 Steps. Discovering and creating the lives they choose for themselves. And, those looking to overcome challenges around food and body to release the weight once and for all.

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