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  • Joe Foster

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    I recently had a zoom chat with one of my best buddies. We met around 8 years ago and have been firm friends ever since. Andy Gibbs is a retired leading player in the manufacturing sector with a vast weatlth of experience and stories to go with it. One of Andy’s key roles was as the head of Cosworth who benefited from his vast experience. Here…Read More
  • Joe Foster

    shared a nugget in Marketing

    Like most entrepreneurs, you will work hard to ‘push’ your product. However, to achieve multi digit growth you need to find a key to ‘influence’ a change that results in the market ‘pulling’ your product.
    Joe Foster.

  • Joe Foster

    shared a nugget in Fun

    Someone once asked me what are the three most important things in running a business. My answer, Fun Fun & Fun. Not every day can be fun but try to look for the fun in every day. This not only applies to business but to life and the poeple you surround your self with. This is a shot of Julie & I in Prague for our best friends birthday , he is…Read More
  • “Essential to growing your business is recognising the gatekeepers. Who are they and what is the key? Paul Fireman was my gatekeeper to the USA market and the Aztec shoe was the key”

    This is a Golden Nugget that features in my book, Shoemaker. You can find Shoemaker in all the usual formats at all good book sellers now and if you would…Read More

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Joe Foster

Founder of Reebok

I am Joe Foster, myself and my late brother Jeff founded Reebok in 1958 after leaving the family business J W Foster & Sons.  My Grandfather, also, Joe Foster is credited with inventing running spikes and training shoes during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  I retired from daily life at Reebok in 1989 whilst Reebok was the number 1 sports brand in the world. Today I remain a global ambassador for the brand and my retirement has come to a grinding halt with the publication of my book Shoemaker.  I am very happy to have met Steven Foster (no relation!) and be part of this new platform for sharing ‘Golden Nuggets’ with everyone in the coming months.

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