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    Yo boys and girls, join forces with me and let’s get some kids on the entrepreneurial ladder team!!! DONATE YOUR OLD LAPTOPS, PHONES AND TABLETS!!! 💕 Lets see if we can get the biggest join donations from One Golden Nugget members and then our Universe can start to create real waves????

    🌟 CHECK IT OUT 🌟

    Last summer local BBC radio stations helped members of the public donate thousands of old laptops and tablets for schoolchildren to use across England. For those pupils, who were sharing phones at home while learning in lockdown, it made a huge difference. With schools now closed again the BBC are once more asking you to help those pupils still in need. Perhaps you received new laptops, tablets or mobiles for Christmas or you may have old devices you donโ€™t need anymore?

    The BBC are working to join the dots between your devices and the children who may need them the most. We are sharing details of companies and charities who can help us achieve our aim of getting devices to pupils.

    Some charities can collect, wipe and share the laptops all in one; some can help take your devices off your hands to fix them ready for distribution; some are collecting donations to help fund devices for pupils; some are local to specific areas and some are nation-wide, both across England and the UK.

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