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  • Hannah Smart

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    β€’ 5 months ago
    Yo boys and girls, join forces with me and let’s get some kids on the entrepreneurial ladder team!!! DONATE YOUR OLD LAPTOPS, PHONES AND TABLETS!!! 💕 Lets see if we can get the biggest join donations from One Golden Nugget members and then our Universe can start to create real waves????

    🌟 CHECK IT OUT…Read More

  • Hello WORLD!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all 💕
    My wonderful friend Julie at LIGHTING FIRES sent over this awesome little quiz to learn about your own level of RESILIENCE, check it out and understand more about how you cope with challenges and opportunities.

    I have to say that my results were spot on – I LOVE a challenge and I thrive on challenge…Read More

  • Dear Universe,
    After a very trying weekend for lots of people who might have lost a little bit of hope, I’ve collaborated with my amazing friend and personal trainer Cosette Jackson and we’ve created a guide to “Giving the Gift of Self Love for Christmas 2020”.

    Please share this to spread a little bit of 2020 love with your network.

  • Everyone needs a bit of this for breakfast today after yesterday’s announcement. I know that if I dwell on it I’ll spend today feeling sorry for myself. Instead 7am exercise and then a big bowl of self love porridge!

    Top it with whatever YOU need and listen to your own body x

  • A little throwback to the 11th – just to share the lovely faces of our wicked team that I always talk about – 7-strong-girl-gang in our Xmas Jumpers 💕💥🌟🎄

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