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  • “I’m really good at being brave”. Six simple words casually dropped into a recent conversation by a friend of mine who prefers to stay anonymous. We were toasting her new badass job, which she’ll be amazing at, but beyond her talent, she’s a genuinely wonderful human being. I know for a fact that there are days when nothing can stop me but there…Read More

  • Thank you Lotfi for sharing these simple and true words: “be courageous, be brave, be audacious during these very tough times”. Love the word audacious – definitely one to embrace with verve!
  • This beauty is from my friend Andy – his daughters chose their daddy wisely.
  • Pre COVID, I was extremely fortunate that my career allowed me the opportunity to travel around the world, meet interesting people, try weird foods… Plane and train hopping were simply the norm.

    Having just celebrated Thanksgiving here in the US (let’s leave the origins of this questionable holiday aside for a moment), I believe the intrinsic…Read More

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Fredda Hurwitz

What it says on the tin: I'm the Founder & Chief Nut of Gingernut Thinking. I like to think the boss is fairly easy going...:)

Experienced global Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer (client, rights holder and agency) with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Integrated Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Communications, Brand and Employee Engagement, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Strong business development professional with a Double BA in Mass Communications & French from the University of California, Berkeley. Bilingual English & French.

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