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  • Feeling melodic and euphoric this Friday, thanks to Ben Bohmer, Tinlicker and Felix Raphael. One for the journey home. https://open.spotify.com/track/4l8fwDaGkOWJqvNacpcBTo?si=2d66a64b0ae140d2
    Happy Friday all x

  • After hearing from the amazing NASA Astronaut; Cady Coleman, PhD
    this Friday’s big tunes had to be space themed. Banger to power through the final few hours of Friday courtesy of The Chemical Brothers – Galaxy Bounce …play it loud!

  • As promised … Spotify power shower collab playlist and cos its One Golden Nugget Happiness Month, add tracks with Happy or Happiness in them (unless it’s got such a good vibe you just have to add it – apart from Steve Foster – this is a Take That Free Zone). My first two; Happiness – Freestylers and Happiness – Chris Malinchak.…Read More

  • Esther O'Callaghan

    shared a nugget in Fun

    Kicking off my first Friday fun nugget… “always listen to big tunes in the shower in the morning to power up your day” Here’s one from Eric Prydz…

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Esther O'Callaghan

Co-Founder at Hundo.careers

Left school at 16, been working to improve the odds for young people.

From being the first female DJ/producer to own a specialist vinyl store in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, producing major international festivals and events to now running a fast growing start up HR SaaS platform (with some waitressing, window cleaning and IronMan training in between) it’s been a unique career bringing 20+ years experience across UK Govt, Local Authority, CSR & D&I, the arts, culture, music and third sectors, tackling youth unemployment, homelessness, self harm, suicide and poverty, resulting in hundreds of thousands of children and young people supported nationally.