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  • My One Golden Nugget this week is my original nugget! Keep f**king going. For all the Founders out there who may be feeling the start up, scale up, WTF burn.

  • Completely ran out of day to post last Friday! So dropping a double dose of Friday vibes this week. Feeling hugely grateful for the hundo team and extended fam of investors and supporters through what has been a flipping hardcore month. Taking the advice from Steven Bartlett and taking a real break this weekend.

    Sunny outside, bank holiday,…Read More

  • Feeling melodic and euphoric this Friday, thanks to Ben Bohmer, Tinlicker and Felix Raphael. One for the journey home. https://open.spotify.com/track/4l8fwDaGkOWJqvNacpcBTo?si=2d66a64b0ae140d2
    Happy Friday all x

  • After a week’s hiatus, I’m back with Friday feels … this golden nugget is inspired by Alex O’Keefe’s video post last week and this tune… ALWAYS DO YOU – Spencer Brown, Rachel K Collier courtesty of one of my favourite imprints; Anjunabeats Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend…Read More

  • Happiness month part 2… all my chats this week with friends, family and my team are yeah lockdown starting to lift, but its been a tough start to 2021 and people are feeling it. So my one golden nugget this week is… this weekend, if there’s a mate or colleague you haven’t heard from for a bit – reach out to them so they know you’re there and…Read More

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About me

Esther O'Callaghan

Co-Founder at Hundo.careers

Left school at 16, been working to improve the odds for young people.

From being the first female DJ/producer to own a specialist vinyl store in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, producing major international festivals and events to now running a fast growing start up HR SaaS platform (with some waitressing, window cleaning and IronMan training in between) it’s been a unique career bringing 20+ years experience across UK Govt, Local Authority, CSR & D&I, the arts, culture, music and third sectors, tackling youth unemployment, homelessness, self harm, suicide and poverty, resulting in hundreds of thousands of children and young people supported nationally.