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  • I went through a tough time many years ago when my grandmother was still alive, and she just looked me in the eyes and said something like this: “My son, I am soon dead, how I wished I could be you at this moment, that has all the future ahead, despite your current unpleasant period. You are still breathing so battle it out, my son, I believe in you.”
  • “No one is broken beyond repair.” – Madeleine Black – The Courage Cultivator – Watch the full talk here:
  • NUGGET 8: The SMALL THINGS we take for GRANTED, usually measure our HAPPINESS in LIFE. Tell me, are you SINGING or WHISTLING with JOY, on your WAY to WORK and on your WAY back HOME, or are you SILENT in DOUBT?
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    ONE GOLDEN NUGGET 7: “Choose POSITIVITY, prepare for EVERYTHING, grow from FAILURES, lead by EXAMPLE, and live your VALUES, that is the WAY of the PASSIONATE ONE.”

    If you have to choose between POSITIVITY or NEGATIVITY, choose POSITIVITY.

    Prepare for…Read More

  • I never took Venture Capital, because I did not get, so I had to learn how to sell, and the biggest learning for me from all the years of grinding as an Entrepreneur & Intrapreneur, is that you need to “Be THRIFTY with EVERYTHING, EXCEPT a GOOD LAWYER, a GOOD ACCOUNTANT, and YOUR WELLBEING.” If I had to pick one, it would be Wellbeing, the…Read More
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NUGGET 1: “You are still breathing, so battle it out; I believe in you.” - Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez

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