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  • CEO & Founder - Miigen
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  • I am going to make 2021 a year of L.O.V.E
    I am going to Live my Life to the full.
    I am going to be more Open on my feelings.
    I am going celebrate a Victory.
    and above all.
    I am going to Enjoy it all.
  • It takes many skills to run a successful business – I have found passion to be a main driver.
  • #2020nugget – what a year. Here is one nugget that sprung to mind about this year
  • My Nugget on why the Value propositon is your compass when you get lost. #startup.
  • One thing the last 11 months have shown us is the power of the human spirit; its gentleness, compassion, strength and tireless endeavour.

    I want to take a moment to thank all our first responders, all the mothers working and educating, all the people looking in on their neighbour, the care workers putting their lives on the line every day and…Read More

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My One Golden Nugget

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About me

Craig Lemmon

CEO and Founder - Miigen

CEO and Global Scot with 30 plus years’ experience of running Global Ventures, in both the leisure and technology sectors. Strong skillset around building and motivating highly skilled individuals into effective and efficient teams – then delivering to a high level of customer satisfaction.

An extensive knowledge and connections in the Longevity marketplace in the USA.

Experience in running a well-established Management Services company (2e-volve) for over 20 years and a Technology Start-UP (Miigen) a Social Platform for Older Adults; which is Enhancing the quality of later life living and the mental well-being of our ageing population.

In September 2017 we launched our Miigen Digital Time Capsule MVP2 Application which is saving the lives and memories of our older adults and playing them back to them in later life when they need them most.

In October 2018 I was selected as one of the Top 50 Healthcare Leaders at an event in Dubai.

I live in Stirling, Scotland with my wife of 34 years Fiona and our wee Yorkie Pepper.  My son Jack and my two daughters Kirst and Heather are all grown and out making their own way in the world.

I have a love for life that I hope I never lose.